Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too nice outside

I just can't get into work this week. My oldest daughter has her last exam and is done grade 10 at the end of this week. The other three kids are done a week from tomorrow. After a pretty cool spring it's finally looking and feeling summery out there. And I'm in the office working on items for the newsletter and putting off working on my sermon. I'd rather be at home, out in the backyard, either relaxing or even actually doing some yard work. I'm planning to repaint and rebuild part of the picket fence, build a new gate at the side yard. Or I could be out at a golf course somewhere just eating up the glorious weather.

I'm searching for inspiration for my front page newsletter article. I haven't even thought about my sermon yet and I like to have them done by the end of Thursday so that I can take Friday and Saturday off. Five weeks from now we'll be camping. Three-and-a-half months from now we'll be at Disney World. I like my job but lately I've been pining a lot more for the not-job stuff.

Ho hum. I guess I better get at it.

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