Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sweet 16

My oldest daughter, my oldest child, is 16 years old today. I'm so proud of all of my kids and love them so much. I don't feel like an old man, I don't think I'm an old man, but holy smokes I have a 16 year old daughter!

We let her take the day off school today. They weren't having classes, just some kind of school spirit day with games and activities and then an awards assembly. When I was home for lunch we watched an episode of Quantum Leap while we ate then went downstairs and played some Rockband. My parents and inlaws are coming over this afternoon and then we'll go out for dinner together.

She's so grown up, a real young woman, and I can still remember the little girl she used to be. It's kind of sad that she's not that little girl anymore, but I'm proud of, and thankful for, the woman she has become and is becoming.

Thank you God.

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