Monday, May 07, 2007

What To Post

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Nearly 2 months. I check a few blogs a few times a week and when I don't see them posting anything I quit looking. But I'm more guilty than those people. I don't know what to post sometimes. I don't post all of my sermons because I'm not always very happy with them. And I'm a busy guy and blogging takes a lot of my time. I get the weekly reports of activity on my blog and it's been declining steadily.

Stay tuned. I'm not promising a lot of posts. I'm not promising very good posts. But I'll try to put a little more up here.



Chris (The Lutheran Zephyr) said...

You say you visit blogs . . . do you use a feed reader? That makes the blog reading much more efficient . . . Try Google Reader, for one . . .


Tom in Ontario said...

I've got 9 blogs that I visit occasionally, 3 of them fairly regularly. They're saved in my favourites list so I don't know if I have to get more efficient.

toujoursdan said...

Hope to hear more from you. I have enjoyed your thoughts.