Monday, May 14, 2007

What a Couple of Weeks!

You know, I serve a pretty small church. I'm not usually run off my feet. But last week I had a worship committee meeting on Tuesday night. I had a few people in hospital to visit. One couple from our church was in a car accident that wrecked their car. Thankfully they're not seriously hurt but they're bruised and sore. I had a graveside funeral service on Thursday. A wedding rehearsal on Friday (normally my day off) and the wedding on Saturday (also normally my day off).

This week has a local ministerial meeting on Wednesday (I don't always go to those if I'm too squeezed for time). Thursday is Ascension Day and we'll have a pot luck supper at 5:30 and worship with Holy Communion at 7:00. Saturday is Kids' Club with another pot-luck supper. Then Sunday we'll have Confirmation for 3 of our teenagers, one of them being my oldest daughter.

I didn't go visit my mother yesterday, just gave her a phone call. She was here last Sunday for my oldest son's birthday and she'll be here next Sunday for the confirmation.

So this week I have to write 2 sermons plus make sure all of the extra little things get done for confirmation. Go ahead, cry me a river.

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