Monday, January 08, 2007

How Lutheran?

Thanks to Andy who is apparently a lot more Lutheran than me.

You are 87% Lutheran! This is most certainly true.

Nicely done! Martin would be proud of you! You may or may not have room for growth in understanding Lutheran terminology and culture. Good thing Salvation is by Grace and not by merit. We can add nothing to what God has done for us in Christ Jesus. But it never hurts to learn a little more about the church on earth. Thanks for taking the quiz!

How Lutheran Are You?
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P.S. (Jan. 10)
My brother said he tried the quiz and scored very low. It's not quite a fair test if you're not an American Lutheran and a real polity geek. I mean, if you read the questions just think how a Swedish, Finnish, German, Latvian or Tanzanian Lutheran would score.

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Kevin said...

96% for me! Here I stand!