Monday, January 08, 2007

Back to School

Well, the kids are back to school today. They had two weeks off but they only really enjoyed the first week-and-a-half because they got kind of depressed the last few days with back-to-school looming. My wife doesn't like it either. She's happy having the kids at home and she hates packing their lunches for school. On top of it, she's starting to un-decorate the house today. The 12 Days of Christmas ended on Friday, we include the Epiphany of Our Lord into the season and since yesterday was Sunday we didn't start taking down decorations yet.

I've still got Nat King Cole singing Christmas carols on the CD player in the van. It's hard to let Christmas go. I had to wake up to the alarm this morning for the first time in weeks. I'm not as down as the rest of the family. I like the movement through the different seasons of the church year and the natural year. But I love Christmas and hate that it's over. I miss the carols on the radio and in the stores. I even miss the Christmas commercials on TV. I know, you have to leave it behind so that it can be enjoyable and exciting again next year.

Maybe the weather has something to do with our moods. The sun has barely shone in weeks. We've had rain off and on for weeks. We didn't have a white Christmas and apparently El NiƱo is going to mess up our whole winter. Who knows if we'll have any snow at all. It all makes for a pretty blah feeling.

What can you do?

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