Tuesday, January 02, 2007

9 Ladies Dancing

Well, Christmas is almost over. It's the 9th day of Christmas, I'm back to work although the kids aren't back at school and I'd rather be off with them. But I've got to come up with 2 sermons this week, one for Saturday night (Epiphany of Our Lord) and one for Sunday morning (Baptism of Our Lord). We've also got our monthly congregational council meeting tomorrow evening to which I'll have to report, and I have to write my report for the Annual Report which the secretary is assembling next week.

But here's what I got for Christmas, in no particular order and I might be forgetting something.

A Toby Keith Christmas CD
Chronicles of Narnia audio drama on 19 CDs
A wallet and key chain
An Adirondack Pack Basket Kit
A Flashlight
A book, "Grapevine: The Spirituality of Gossip"
A leather and copper cross from Kenya
Tickets to "We Will Rock You" a musical with music by Queen
A Point Zero sweat shirt
A Canada/Olympic Sweatshirt
A "Bathroom Reader" book
A Stuart McLean CD
Golf Socks
Another sweatshirt
An Electronic Sudoku game
Piano books (Chopin, Schubert, Schumann, Musorgski)
MS Streets and Trips programme
Jeopardy board game
A Vinyl Cafe book
A Sudoku book
A book of the Canadian stamps from 2006
A framed picture of dad, brother, uncle, and me golfing in Myrtle Beach
My brother's old computer (he always gives me his old ‘puters when he upgrades)

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