Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pirates (after the fact)

Okay, so we went to the drive-in last Thursday and watched Pirates 2. We weren't disappointed. Well, just a little disappointed but not in the movie. It's fun to go to the drive-in but the picture quality isn't the same as in a theatre or on TV especially the dark parts, we always end up sitting pretty far back, even with my glasses my eyesight isn't great, so combine all these things and I didn't see as much as I would have liked.

But the movie was cool. Some friends of ours went along and parked next to us and we sat on our lawnchairs together. We went in our new (new for us) van. The kids have been reenacting scenes and repeating funny lines from the movie ever since ("An undead monkey!"). The boys actually climbed into the back of the van and went to sleep, missing most of the movie. The ending freaked us all out, not in a scary way but in an "I don't get it, he's supposed to be dead" way. I won't tell you who "he" is in case you haven't seen it yet but want to. The second feature was "Cars." We'd seen it already but we were watching but then I started falling asleep and I was getting cold so we went home.

I was dangling the idea to my wife of going again this Thursday. One of the other screens (there's 4 screens at this drive-in) is showing the new Superman and Click as the double feature.

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