Monday, July 12, 2010

Congrats Spain

Congratulations to La Roja, the Spanish national football team for winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  Congratulations for winning a terrible game.  The ref in this one, Howard Webb of England, really ruined it.  He gave out a gazillion yellow cards and just spoiled any pace that the game might have.  Once the players knew he was calling it so tight they made the most of even the slightest fouls by flopping about on the grass and clutching at ankles and shins.

This isn't sour grapes.  I was cheering for Germany but, as I wrote in an earlier post, Spain outplayed them to get to the final.  This final was just a boring game.  There weren't many good chances for either team.  I am glad that it ended with a goal and not with a shootout.

It's also kind of a letdown that the World Cup is over.  A month of soccer on TV was fun.  And an international tournament with all these national teams is just so much better than a late night replay of a Toronto FC game.  That's about all we get to see around here normally.

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