Thursday, August 06, 2009

R and R

So, I'm in the middle of my first week back at work after two weeks of vacation. We went back for the seventh year in a row to our favourite campground in the Finger Lakes region of New York. We did all the stuff we usually do, went on the day trips around the area that we like to make, spent time with friends and family who came to stay for a while.

But it wasn't the same as other years. It wasn't as good as other years. We were there for two weeks and I think there were a whole two days when it didn't rain. Not that it rained and rained for hours and days on end. Sometimes the morning would be rainy and the afternoon would turn out fairly decent. Sometimes the day would seem okay but cloud over in the afternoon and then rain in the evening or overnight.

And the temperatures were cool. There have been years when I haven't had to break out the jeans at all during our stay. This time around there were only a few days when I was comfortable in shorts. I'm usually not one for hot and humid weather, something we normally get a whole lot of during the summer. But when we're at the campground and can sit under the shade of an umbrella by the poolside, reading a book, working on some Sudoku puzzles, and then just jumping into the water to cool down when the need or the mood strikes me, then I can take the heat. But we didn't have that this year. There were a few days when it was nice enough to spend some time at the pool. The kids swam a lot. I swam a few times.

It was time away from the ordinary. It was time for some relaxation. It just didn't seem as enjoyable for me as other years. The fact that my oldest daughter and I caught colds during the second week of the trip didn't help either.

We've got a Florida trip planned for the fall. The kids are counting down the days already. I hope it's more of a vacation, some real enjoyable rest and relaxation, than this summer holiday was.

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