Monday, May 25, 2009

Confirmation Sunday

Yesterday we had Confirmation Sunday in our church. Four young women and one young man made an affirmation of their baptism in our worship service. One of the young women was my daughter #2. She had been so excited in the time leading up to the day.

Maybe a little because of the presents she'd be receiving.
Maybe a little because grandparents and aunts and uncles were going to be there.
Maybe a little because we were going for a special lunch in a private room at the County Club.
Maybe a little because it was a special day focused on her (and her fellow confirmands, but for her family it was focused on her).
Maybe a little because the day before confirmation she was using the gift certificate she got on her birthday to get a haircut and manicure.
Maybe a little because there are no more confirmation classes.

I hope a little because she is a young woman of faith and this meant something to her.

I got choked up as I read the verse that I chose for her (1 Corinthians 13:13) and as I laid my hands on her head to pray the blessing.

I liked these five kids. I don't always like teaching confirmation classes but I like hanging out with the kids. Unfortunately and sadly I think that I'll rarely, maybe never, see three of the five kids in church anymore.

It was a really nice day. It was a really nice service. I'm proud of all of my kids, and yesterday I was especially proud of my daughter.

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