Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long Winded?

I always thought I kept my funeral services pretty short. Not that shorter is necessarily better but I figure that people aren't necessarily in a frame of mind to listen to a long sermon. So, I use the funeral liturgy in Evangelical Lutheran Worship and preach a sermon that is probably about half the length of one of my Sunday sermons.

This morning I had a funeral and after I was done preaching and prayed the prayers I asked the people to be seated for the Commendation and I hear the widow tell one of her sons "he could wrap it up by now." I smiled to myself and prayed the commendation and then we made our way to the cemetery.

I decided on the way that I'd make it short out at the cemetery. As we gathered under the tent I again heard the widow remark "I hope this doesn't take too long." So I skipped the scripture that I usually read at the Committal and just said the prayers.

I wasn't offended by her comments. I think it was probably the funniest funeral I've ever done.

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Inheritor of Heaven said...

Wow. My wife just passed away and her service was AWESOME. Perhaps there were some who thought it should have been shorter but I doubt it from the comments I heard later at the luncheon. I think there was fruitfulness even in her funeral.
Your story is just a slice of life from a different place in the pie huh?