Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Bunny Story

We grow a vegetable garden on the church property out behind the parsonage yard and we take our harvest to the local food bank. This will be our 4th or 5th year doing this. Mr. B and Mr. T were coming last Thursday night to roto-till the garden so my wife went out Thursday afternoon to pull up some of the bigger weeds so that they wouldn’t get tilled back into the ground and come up even more weeds.

As she was out there she saw a mound of furry type stuff and hoped that she wasn’t going to find something dead. She gingerly started to push the shovel into the ground and suddenly there was a squealing and a rabbit went running away, my wife running the other way. That evening when Mr. B and Mr. T showed up they found a little burrow with 6 baby bunnies in it. They already had their fur and were moving around. They gathered them up and put them in a shoe box and put the box in the tall grass at the back of the property hoping that the mom might come back for them.

Thursday night was getting pretty chilly and there was some concern that the bunnies would get cold. We found out the next morning that Mr. B had come and picked them up and took them home. He tried feeding them some milk from a dropper with no success. He got up early the next morning to try to feed them again before work, again with no success.

Friday morning on his way to work Mr. B brought the bunnies back and put them in the tall grass again, tipping the shoe box on its side so that they could get out if they needed to, again hoping their mother would come back.

Friday evening we got a call from Mr. T’s oldest son saying they have 6 new furry friends staying at their place. They came and gathered them up, they bought some bunny formula and are getting some into them. They’re big enough to be eating greens. The kids pick the leaves from some wild strawberry’s they have growing around the property and the bunnies chow down on them.

Yesterday afternoon we went by to take our kids to see the bunnies. They are sooooo adorable. If you put a red ribbon around their neck they could be the Lindt chocolate bunnies in the gold foil that you get at Easter time.

The T family lives out in the country, they back onto some bush area so they plan to raise the bunnies until their bigger and then let them go. They’ve done some research on orphaned rabbits and apparently when they get to be about 6" long they’re ready to take off on their own.

Coincidentally, yesterday’s gospel reading mentioned God caring for the birds of the air and the grass of the field and one of the petitions in the prayers that we use from Sundays & Seasons (Augsburg Fortress, 2007) said:

Preserve the health of all newborn creatures in hospitals, homes, fields, and trees. Ease their entry into this world by your loving care. Hear us, O God;
your mercy is great.

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