Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crappy TV

We've become more and more disappointed with what's on TV. I admit that I'm something of a TV junky. But there used to be much better stuff on the tube. What ever happened to sitcoms? There used to be stuff on there that you could watch with your kids. There are still sitcoms on TV but very little that I'd consider suitable for watching as a family. Most of them seem to be about sex. I find some of them funny but only watch them once the kids are in bed.

The problem is all of the "reality" shows. You don't have to pay actors. You don't need very talented writers. You just need some idiots who want to make fools of themselves by singing badly, by locking themselves into a house with a bunch of strangers, by doing stupid stunts

A few years ago we started buying some of our old favourite programs on DVD. We've got the entire series of M*A*S*H, we've got some seasons of Home Improvement, some seasons of I Love Lucy, some Happy Days, some Cosby, some of the britcoms like Vicar of Dibley, Bless Me Father, As Time Goes By, Ballykissangel, All Creatures Great and Small.

What's annoying is that we bought the first three seasons of Boy Meets World and the first season of Murphy Brown and now we've found that they're not releasing any more of either of those series because sales were less than they hoped for the ones they did release. AAARRRGGGHHH!


LutherPunk said...

We've done the same thing. The wife and I have been watching Six Feet Under from the beginning.

Kevin said...

I have all seven seasons of the West Wing. One of the best written shows ever.

I also like to watch Boston Legal.