Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday

I just got through a funeral today, followed by a reception back at the church. It's a beautiful day today but with all the snow melt the cemetery was a sloppy mess. I need to wash my alb anyway.

On the way to the cemetery I realized what day it is. My dad and my brother have their birthday today. Mom and dad are in Myrtle Beach for a couple of weeks. I'll have to call him sometime tonight. Dad's 76 today. Brother took yesterday and today off work. I don't know if he's at home or doing something special for the day. It's nice enough to take the bike out I think. Brother is 38 today.

I'm a bachelor for a couple of days. It's March Break so the kids are off school this week. My wife and kids left this morning for Burlington. They'll stay at my parents' place since they're out of town and spend some time with my in-laws. I'll be joining them in a couple of days. The my wife and the girls and I have tickets for "We Will Rock You" in Toronto on Friday. It's a musical using songs by Queen. We'll drop the boys off at my brother's place when we go. They'll probably play video games all evening.


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