Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pray for Peace

Today is the International Day of Prayer for Peace. A few years ago the UN passed a resolution marking September 21 each year as a Day for Peace. Subsequently the World Council of Churches designated the same day as a Day of Prayer for Peace and encourages churches around the world to make some observation of that day, and to pray. We're having an Evening Prayer service tonight. Below is a prayer that we'll be using. I think it's written by young people from Latin America. Do something yourself to mark this day. Pray for peace. And if you don't read this until after the 21st you can pray anyway. Your prayer won't be wasted and it won't be less effective because it was prayed late. Shalom.

Prayer for Peace

God of all goodness, You have been our refuge from generation to generation. Your will is that peace should shine on all people everywhere.

With your spirit, guide the efforts of humankind to bring peace and justice to the nations of the earth, and give strength to rulers and all who work to establish peace and justice in the world.

Inspire those who come together in search of ways to bring about peace, and through your word, change the hearts of all people so that we shall strive for:

Peace, and not war,

The Common Good, rather than individual wellbeing,

Your Justice, instead of our own glory.

You have given us your peace. Enable us to share that peace with those around us, so that love and harmony may be always present in our lives, that all the world may know happiness, that we may live with dignity as brothers and sisters, and that all may rejoice in your presence. United in diversity, we call upon your infinite grace, humbly asking you to receive our prayer and make us instruments of your peace.


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