Monday, August 28, 2006


A while back LutheranChik put out a challenge to see if anyone could teach her to play euchre. I sent her an email trying to explain but I don't know if she understood or not.

Well yesterday my boys went to my parents' place for a few days so it's me, my wife, and our 2 girls in the house. I've been trying for ages to convince the girls to let us teach them euchre. Finally we semi-forced them to sit around the table with us and we taught them to play. We played a game in the afternoon and then another in the evening. It'll take a little while for them to completely catch on, to learn some of the nuances, to know what to lead and when, but they actually had fun.

I love euchre but I play it very rarely these days. When I was in university I played a whole lot. When I was a civil engineer working on a bridge and road construction job I played a lot when the weather was bad and we were stuck in the trailer. I remember playing as a teenager in youth group. When my wife's younger sisters were teenagers and we lived in the same city they often came over to our house and we'd play euchre and hearts for hours, listening to records and CDs.

I hope the girls don't poop out on us and give up on the game. It would go some way to turning the TV off more and spending time facing each other rather than always facing the same way focused on the tube.

Oh, and LutheranChik, they're 13 and 11 years old.


LutheranChik said...

Actually, Tom, your instructions were some of the clearest I received.

That being said...I still can't play.

My euchre-playing buddy gave up trying to teach me, "...because you keep looking like you're about to cry."

Detail Boi said...

It's a funny thing that you wrote about teaching your daughters euchre. Yesterday, when I got to Mom & Dad's house after my bike ride, your sons were already there. Your older son was playing cards, and I asked him what he was playing. He said he was playing 'Go Fish' by himself. When I asked him why he wasn't playing solitaire, he replied "I don't know how to play it."

I set out to teach him, and he seemed to understand it a bit. I played one round, explaining what I was doing, and he said that it seemed too confusing. As I left for home a couple hours later, he was playing solitaire! He had a couple questions, which I answered, and it seemed like he was getting the hang of it.

Ask him if he remembered the instructions I gave him, and if he played anymore after I left.