Friday, March 03, 2006

Ernie Retires

My brother filled me in on Ernie's retirement. My brother and I both attended Ryerson University (Ryerson Polytechnical Institute when I attended) but at different times. Standing almost dead centre of the downtown Toronto campus was Ernie's Hotdog Cart. I remember reading an article in the Toronto Star where they asked different chefs from some of Toronto's poshest restaurants where they liked to go out to eat and one actually said Ernie's Hotdog Cart.

The guy was nice to everybody. It could be pouring rain and he'd be out there. It could be freezing cold and he'd be out there. All seasons, every day (at least weekdays, I was never there on weekends). And Ryerson students were loyal to Ernie too. I remember other vendors would set up their carts nearby, and they'd get a bit of the overflow business, but Ernie would have a lineup.

You can read more about Ernie here.

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