Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What'd you get?

Well, the unwrapping is done. It can be pretty overwhelming. I'm trying to think of everything I received. I don't think I even know where it all is anymore. After a few rounds of cleaning up the house stuff gets put away here and there and if you're not the put-awayer then it might take a while to find it all.

Here's some of what I got:

CD - THE Essential CLASH (listening to it right now)
CD - George Strait (his second Christmas CD)
a couple of books (don't recall any title right now)
a couple of pairs of pyjamas
a sweatshirt (wearing it now)
Season 8 of M*A*S*H on DVD
a 2450 piece Mega-Blok (like LEGO) submarine
a beautiful multicoloured stole bought at Ten Thousand Villages (Guatemalan I think)
Lord Of The Rings Trivial Pursuit
extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD
a couple of crossword books
a music book of Disney Theme Park music
an insulated picnic backpack
a generous monetary gift to invest in an RRSP
I'm sure I've forgotten some gifts but that's the list I can remember from here in my office. My favourite is probably the stole. No offense to the other givers but it's absolutely gorgeous.


Kevin said...


Hope you had a Merry Christmas and may you have an AWESOME 2006!


Tom in Ontario said...

Thanks Kevin. Happy New Year to you too. God bless you.