Thursday, September 08, 2005


This past Sunday morning, just before I left to walk across the driveway to church, the phone rang. I could tell by the ring that it was a local call, which could be bad news at that time on a Sunday morning. It wasn't. It was the local Baptist minister's wife calling to ask me to announce that they were planning a benefit concert for Hurricane Katrina disaster relief for the evening of the 18th. I said I'd be happy to announce it and I did.

Then I got an idea in my head. After worship, on his way out the door, I stopped our organist and asked if he heard my announcement about the concert. He said if I wanted to sing he'd be happy to accompany me. I said my idea was to form a quartet to sing at the concert, me and him being two of the voices. He said he'd be all for it. I said I'd look for the other two voices.

First I called the Baptist minister's wife back and asked if the lineup for the concert was set or if she was still looking for acts. She said she was in the process of formulating the lineup and we could sing. She offered to let us sing 2 songs. Okay. Now to find a quartet.

I called the organist from an Anglican church 20 minutes down the highway and asked if he was interested in singing and if he could find a fourth. He thought it would be fun and when he mentioned it to his priest he got the impression he might be interested, otherwise he could find another man from one of the choirs he directs to be the fourth voice in our quartet. If Anglican priest wants to sing with us we could be called "Two Pastors And Their Organists."

I'm getting excited about this! I love to sing. I'm leaving the song selection up to the two organists. Maybe I'll suggest something Bach. I love Bach. He is the 5th evangelist for us Lutherans after all. We'll see how it all works out.

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